The Graveyard Monuments in Enderby Parish Churchyard 
A study of the original churchyard, closed on 1st July 1867.

This A4 booklet, compiled by C. Mark Carne, includes background on the churchyard, a plan of the Monuments to aid location, the full inscriptions on the 96 monuments to be found in the original churchyard, along with details of the Masons where available.

The booklet also includes a Chronological order from the date of death on the Memorials, along with an alphabetical list of all names appearing on the monuments, along with a sample recording form.

The booklet has also been enhanced with the inclusion of some coloured photographs.

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The Early Churches of Enderby 800 AD to 1538 AD
The origin and history of St. John The Baptist Church, Aldeby.

This booklet by Mark Carne, covers the history of the various churches with the dedication St. John the Baptist in Aldeby and Enderby, from about 800 AD until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538. 

The booklet has also been enhanced with the inclusion of plans and projected views of the Church at Aldeby.

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Enderby in 1881 - A snapshot of a village.
By Sylvia Walton

Although not an Enderby Heritage publication this is an analysis of the 1881 Census for Enderby which shows the composition of the population, their occupations and origins and the changes that were taking place in the village at that time.

Set against its history, the picture that emerges is of a rapidly growing industrial village already adapting to the mass production and technology of the 20th century but still very much part of labour-intensive, mostly cottage based industries of the earlier years of the 19th century.

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