Village Walk 1923

The following village walk is based on an original walk by Mr. A. W. Capers MBE (1903 - 1997), a former Enderby School Master.

On entering Enderby from Narborough, via Stewart Avenue, Carlton Hayes Hospital is situated on the right hand side with 6 houses for staff on the left hand side, behind which was a brickyard.

Entering West Street a terraced house stands on the left next to the entrance to a path leading into the allotments and Equity Road. A small cottage stands opposite and then Mr. Winson's house with buildings for his fruit cart and horse.

Then on either side of the road an almost continual row of houses, halfway along on the left hand side there is a shop owned by Mrs. Annie Young. The right hand side had fewer houses but contained a shop owned by Mrs. Biggs. At the end of the street there is an opening into the Hospital grounds and a small building used as a factory and also a small shop - Mrs. Plenford.




Left into Shortridge Lane past the entrance to John Street and open spaces with a row of small cottages on the right called "The Folly" then the King William IV Inn (Beer House). Beyond on the right was a factory making boots & shoes, after which were a few cottages including a shop owned by Mrs. Brooks. On the opposite side were council houses which terminated nearly opposite the entrance to King Street.

Turning right into King Street, we find Mr. Burgess's hosiery factory and his house on the left and a few cottages, then a shop owned by Mrs. Carter, then a few more cottages and then the C.W.S factory with its high chimney engaged in the manufacture of boots & shoes.

On the right side of King Street from Shortridge Lane there were a few cottages and then Mr. W. Young's factory making boots & shoes. A few cottages followed this, past the entrance to Cornwall Street and Mrs. Moore's shop, followed by a complete row of houses up to a shop on the corner called Tant Martin's where we join Mill Lane.

In the outhouse behind the last cottages, there was a tripe dressing shop, the tripe was sold and delivered in the village on a Friday night.


If instead of entering Enderby via Forest Road, we travel further along the A46 toward Leicester we would come to a lane, which we know as Ten Pound Lane, which if we take brings us into the village via Mill Lane.

There is a farm called the Grange on the right and then by some sand holes, from which sand was dug for use when the Hospital was built.

The first houses were 2 semi-detached houses opposite the entrance to the cricket and recreation field. Then an opening led to another sandpit known as Langton's sandpit.

This is followed by a row of terraced cottages upto the entrance of Bantlam Lane and John Street. proceeding further we pass the corner house (Mill Lane / Bantlam Lane) of Mr. Elliott, passing the entrance to John Street we come to a small holding occupied by a Mr. Weston, stone carter and 'Brake Owner'. The chemist owned by Mr. Smith, stands on the corner of Rawson Street and Mill Lane.

Still on the same side we come to Tommy Palmer's bike shop followed by Bob Phillip's Brake and Bus proprietor. Opposite there was a fine single house occupied by Mr. West and family.